Elements of Design: How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look

If you’re drawn to the modern farmhouse style, but don’t know how to get started, this article is for you. We’ll explore the origins of the style, what makes it different from other modern styles, and provide tips on how to achieve the look in your own home. Let’s explore the design, color palette, lighting choices, furniture, and accessories of this beautiful modern style. Let’s get started!

Farmhouse Style.

Farmhouses have been around for centuries, and the modern farmhouse style has its roots in traditional farmhouse design. The farmhouse style was popular in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Farmhouses during this time were usually made of wood and had exterior decorations like carved doors, gingerbread trim, and ornamental columns. They were also decorated inside with wallpaper, stenciling, tall ceilings, tall entryway doors, large windows, and decorative fireplaces.

Recycling old farmhouse styling with a modern touch combined elements from original farmhouse interiors with industrial elements. Reclaimed barn wood was used in place of traditional wood flooring and antique chandeliers were placed in modern farmhouse lighting fixtures. The result is an eclectic blend of rustic and industrial finishes, colors, patterns, textures, furniture with more traditional elements such as chunky beams and large windows.

Modern Farmhouse interior design?

Today’s modern farmhouses have a more industrial feel with clean lines and include elements of vintage design such as metal, distressed wood, and exposed hardware.

Wall consisting of various wall decor in the modern farmhouse style

Modern farmhouses tend to be more open than traditional homes. They feature tall ceilings, large windows, and wide-planked flooring. The openings between rooms are often small and sometimes don’t include any doors at all for a more open feel. Modern farmhouse design is often minimalist with the absence of decorative elements. This style does not include ornate furniture, curtains, throw pillows, decor, or accessories.

Tell me the difference between a traditional farmhouse and a modern farmhouse?

The modern farmhouse is different from other designs in that it borrows design features from classic farmhouses of the 19th century, but adds a modern twist with industrial materials. The result is a more open, minimalist style with a focus on comfort and functionality. Modern Farmhouse uses natural elements to create a rustic feel. While traditional farmhouses were built mainly using natural materials like wood and stone, modern farmhouses often incorporate industrial materials like metal and concrete.

Traditional farmhouses usually had a very simple, country look, modern farmhouses often feature more eclectic combinations of styles, with a mix of rustic and industrial materials, colors, patterns, textures, and furniture. Finally, while traditional farmhouses were designed for practicality and comfort, modern farmhouses are often designed to be more stylish and comfortable.

How to achieve the modern farmhouse look?

So, you love the modern farmhouse style and want to give your home the beauty of contemporary minimalism. What should you do? Follow these design tips to get the modern farmhouse style:


various color swatches

First, pay attention to the main color palette. The modern farmhouse style features warm neutrals with other warm colors like cream and gold for a rustic feel. Use natural elements in your colors to achieve the rustic feel of a modern farmhouse.

 Try neutral tones like creams, browns, greys, and beiges. These colors work well with other natural elements such as wood, leather, stone, and other textured materials. Wenge and white oak wood floors and cabinets keep any color from looking too busy and help ground the home and give you the natural wood feel.

The farmhouse neutral color scheme combined with smooth lines and weathered finishes create the perfect balance of classic farmhouse with a contemporary feel. This modern farmhouse design of natural materials, neutral color scheme, and contemporary touches will give you the basis to start adding home decor to finish the perfect look.

Embrace semi-minimalism.

A semi-minimalist approach focuses on clean lines, simple shapes, and minimal accessories. This look can be achieved by using a neutral color palette with natural materials and simple finishes.

Start by decluttering your space. Remove any excess furniture, accessories, or decorations. This will help you to focus on the essential pieces that you need to create the modern farmhouse look. Having a fresh clean base to start will make the transition to semi-minimalism easier and the openness of your spaces will help you decide the placement of farmhouse decor. Choose a few key pieces of furniture and accessories and use them to create a cohesive look. Use natural materials like wood, stone, and metal to add texture and interest.

Modern farmhouse lighting fixtures.

Modern Farmhouse Lighting

It’s important to focus on the lighting fixtures you choose. A modern farmhouse style often features simple, sleek lighting and minimalist designs with an open feel. The right lighting can help to create this ambiance and set the tone for the entire space.

There are a variety of lighting fixtures that you can use to achieve the modern farmhouse look in your home. Chandeliers are a popular choice for this style as they provide a focal point for the room and cast a warm, ambient light. Pendant lights are also a great option as they can help to define specific areas in the space and provide task lighting for activities like cooking or reading.

You can also use a table or floor lamps to create a comfortable atmosphere. A mix of table and floor lamps is an easy way to brighten up the space without having too much lighting.

Finally, don’t forget about accent lighting. Accent lights are a great way to draw attention to specific areas of the home or add interest to a specific piece of decor like a painting or wall art.

Combining old and new.

Rustic Modern Farmhouse

The best part of a modern farmhouse is the combination of old vintage furnishings, rustic farmhouse style, and modern industrial materials. Modern Farmhouse design allows for the comforts of new furniture in a rustic surrounding. You can pick your favorite pieces from the hundreds of unique styles available and add industrial elements to create the Farmhouse look.

Start with your favorite pieces of furniture and use modern farmhouse design elements to add a rustic look. Use metal, distressed wood, and exposed hardware to create a weathered, vintage feel. You can keep the pieces simple and let the colors and finishes speak for themselves or add in more rustic elements for a contemporary twist.

Add industrial necessities to your furniture and accessories for a more modern feel. Chunky metal handles, industrial finishes on wood, and exposed brick or stone walls will add the farmhouse look you love with a modern twist.

Accessories add texture and add warmth. Accessory colors should be warm and similar to the main color palette. Geometric shapes, different textures from natural materials like wood, stone, leather, and mixed metals add interest. Combine these accessories with more modern items for contrast.

What are industrial accents?

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Industrial accents are decorative elements that give a space a rustic, vintage feel. They can be used to add interest to furniture, walls, and floors. There are a variety of industrial accents that you can use to create the perfect look in your home.

One popular industrial accent is exposed brick or stone. Exposed brick and stone can be used to add texture and warmth to a space. You can use it on walls, floors, or even ceilings. Another popular option is metal. Metal can be used to add a rustic touch to furniture, accessories, or even walls. You can choose from a variety of metals like copper, brass, or steel. Finally, wood is another popular industrial accent. Wood can be used in many ways to add warmth and texture to a space. You can use it on walls, floors, or even ceilings for added interest.

Embrace Imperfections.

Rustic Modern Farmhouse

One of the best ways to achieve the modern farmhouse look is to embrace imperfection. Industrial materials often have a rough, unfinished look that can be perfect for a modern farmhouse design. Use reclaimed timber, metal with an industrial finish, and exposed brick or stone walls to add character and interest to your home. Don’t be afraid to mix old and new styles for a unique look. Add in vintage furniture and accessories with contemporary industrial features for the perfect modern farmhouse style.

Combine your home’s existing architectural details and modern amenities like stainless steel appliances with classic farmhouse styles to get a shabby chic mix. Add vintage and worn mason jars, barn doors, light fixtures, and another farmhouse-type decor to find the perfect blend.

Modern Farmhouse Furniture.

When it comes to furniture, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect modern farmhouse look. You can mix and match different styles to find the perfect combination for your home. Start with a few key pieces of furniture and add in industrial features to create the farmhouse look you love.

One popular option for furniture is metal. Metal can be used to add a primitive touch to furniture, accessories, or even walls. You can choose from a variety of metals like copper, brass, or steel to use for knobs, vintage hinges, nails, tacks, custom inlays, or vintage signage and metal art pieces you like.

Another popular option is wood. Wood can be used in many ways to add warmth and texture to a space. You can use it on walls, floors, or even ceilings for added interest. Chunky wood handles, industrial finishes on wood, and exposed brick or stone walls will add the farmhouse look you love with a modern twist.

Wood Furniture.

Rustic Farmhouse

When it comes to redoing a dining table, window frames, a bed frame, or other wooden pieces there are a few things you can do to get that perfect modern farmhouse look.

One popular option is to use a natural wood finish. A light coat of paint or a clear sealant will help to protect the wood and give it a natural finish. Another popular option is to use an industrial finish on the wood. An industrial finish can be achieved by using a dark stain or paint over the light color. The dark stain will help to bring out the details in the wood and give it an industrial look.

You can also add interest to your table by adding metal accents.

 Metal accents can be added in many ways, including using nails, screws, or metal trim around the edges of the table. You can also add metal hinges and knobs to give a wooden table an old-style vibe with an industrial touch of modern charm.

Farmhouse Kitchen.

The modern farmhouse kitchen undoubtedly is the most important part of the home and is the first thing people think of when they hear the word farmhouse. It’s the focal point of modern farmhouses and is where your family gathers and makes memories. It’s also where you prepare food, share meals, and unwind after a long day. A modern farmhouse kitchen should be inviting and functional with plenty of storage space for all those dishes that don’t fit in the dishwasher!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Inspiration.

Subway Tile.

subway tile farmhouse

Although New York City subway tiles are no longer in vogue, they’re still considered a classic for good reason. In a kitchen, they add the perfectly imperfect touch to let you know your space is unique, just like you.

Refinishing Cabinets.

Modern Farmhouse Tips

Refinshing cabinets are a wonderful way to upgrade your kitchen with a farmhouse look that will last for years to come! A popular design feature of custom cabinets is to use one color for all the cabinet frameworks and then paint a contrasting color inside each shelf.

This adds interest and also makes cleaning up messes easier by allowing you access to areas that would not be possible without taking out several shelves first.

Exposed Beams.

Wood beams immediately give a space a rustic edge and lend themselves well to modern farmhouse kitchens. You can also try painting the beams in different colors to liven up and brighten your kitchen space.

Large Windows.

If you already have windows, try to highlight them as much as possible by painting them white or cream instead of wood which could darken your space too much. If you don’t currently have windows in your kitchen (which is unlikely but possible!), adding one would be a wonderful design feature that instantly brings natural light into the room and allows for extra breathing room.

Farmhouse Sink.

Farmhouse sink

Adding a large farmhouse sink can give you a great look in a home with modern granite countertops. These sinks instantly upgrade the classic farmhouse style of your kitchen to go with any modern features your kitchen already has giving your kitchen a fresh spin.

Wide Plank Floors.

Modern Farmhouse

Installing new flooring is expensive but this upgrade can make a huge difference in your home. The wide plank flooring gives the kitchen a rustic and old-time feel that would be perfect for any modern farmhouse style.

Open Shelving.

Modern Farmhouse Open Shelving

Having a space to display your favorite plates and mugs adds a lot of personality to a kitchen. You can build your open shelving unit or try out one of the many DIY projects available online to accomplish this design goal.

Farmhouse Design Elements to Avoid.

Although you can add any of these features to your home, be sure to steer clear of excessive clutter and busy patterns. While modern farmhouses may take inspiration from rustic chalets, they should never feel overwhelmed by the natural elements. Overloading a space with too many design elements makes it look crowded and disorganized. An easy rule is to keep the number of different design elements equal to or lower than the number of windows in your room (preferably less!). Keep things simple and let your furniture and accessories speak for themselves!

Wrap Up.

You are one step closer to getting the modern farmhouse of your dreams. Use this article as your guide for modern farmhouse decor ideas and to add some farmhouse character to your home. With a little bit of effort, you can give your home a modern farmhouse update that will last for years to come! By using some of the popular design features mentioned in this article, you can create a space that is both inviting and stylish. Avoid overloading your space with too many elements and remember to keep things simple so that your furniture and accessories have room to shine. Let us know how you get on by sharing pictures of your finished kitchen renovation with us on social media!

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