Farmhouse Spring Decor Styles

My heart jumps at the thought of Spring. The silver and white of the winter melting away opens up to lush greens and a rebirth of color. As the outside color changes, it’s time to bring more color and whimsy into our decor as well. 

Here are a few simple ways to add Spring back into your home (and your step). Starting with a few Springtime accents that we know will bring you joy.  

Spring Decor 2022


Last spring we saw an old friend make a reappearance. The little birdhouses that I remember my mom decorating with, became the comeback kid and were joined by a mix of vintage and modern counterparts. Display them on shelves or as tabletop decor to add a touch of whimsical nostalgia.


“Life is short, buy the plants!”  While my green thumb is non existent as far as indoor plants go, I’m a Succa for Succulents! Their tiny little characters and quirkiness are charming in their own right but the vast amount of colors and styles can bring joy to any Springtime display. 

succulents in pots used in farmhouse décor

Flowers, either faux or real, bring such a fresh light to any room. Bring floral arrangements in as a bouquet nestled into a ball jar or funky repurposed vase.  Add faux arrangements to bookshelves, mantles, and basket displays.

You don’t have to settle with just stems and greenery pots, you can bring a freshness to your space with Spring themed wall art and photos. 

 Small businesses to buy from: Shutter Tree Photos, Rustic Occasions, and Harddy Succulents


Baskets are wonderful to have in any season,  but during Spring we can envision ourselves holding a basket and dreamily running through the fields. Bring that vibe inside!  Fill them with dried herbs, store vintage dishes nestled vertically in larger square ones,  and make a statement placing your silverware in round table size baskets.

Farmhouse baskets spring decor

  Baskets placed on your kitchen counter filled with fresh dish towels to keep handy or in a bathroom holding sweetly scented soaps will tie in convenience with beauty. 

Bunnies, and chicks, and lambs oh my!

What Spring display would be complete without one of the timeless animals of spring? Either as a seasonal easter display or propped upon a mantle, end table or bookshelf. Giving all who pass by a glimpse of Spring.  

bunny decor farmhouse
Farmhouse spring pillow

Noteworthy Patterns and Colors

If you aren’t sure what colors to bring into your home take a moment to reflect on the colors that are growing outside that you love most. From Oatmeals, soft pinks or the bolder blues and greens, pops of colors are the easiest way to add spring accents. Noteworthy patterns range from simple florals to the timeless ticking lines. Integrate colors and patterns with throw pillows, blankets, and or table runners.

Bring The Outside In

Shop your house and your property. Do you have an old tiny shovel or rusty watering can? Create a conversation piece by hanging them in the middle of an empty frame. Watering cans have also been given a new personality doubling as flower vases and planters. 

rustic farmhouse decor

“May all of your weeds be wildflowers”

We hope the magic of spring and some of the tips above bring joy to your heart and home. 

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