Making your house a home the farmhouse way décor and DIY

“The word “farmhouse,” triggers memories from deep inside my soul. It’s not just framed pictures of wooden words or old mashers on a shelf. Farmhouse takes me back to a time when the world was bigger and we were smaller.” – Jessica AKA Farmmomma

Farmhouse décor guide

As a child walking into my Grandma’s house was like being wrapped in warmth from the moment you walked Into the door, the hardwood floors stretched throughout the entire house. Area rugs covered portions of the floor, their texture and colors unique in a way no modern rug could be. Quilts and throws were draped onto chairs,an antique desk nestled in a corner handed down through generations, worn and chippy from the years of love. The long kitchen was tiled in black and white checkerboard and the smell of warm cinnamon filled the air along with the wood burning fireplace. She was farmhouse, not on purpose, the style really hadn’t become what we know as a style yet, but by all definitions it was the basis of what farmhouse decor has grown from. 

Farmhouse style has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It’s modified into so many different versions and styles. But the basics, the “bones” as you could say are the same. While previously owning a farmhouse decor subscription box (FM Farmhouse)  many of our subscribers asked “Where do I start?”. Our answer is always “Start simple, start with the decor staples.”

10 farmhouse décor staples for your home

Blankets & Quilts

Throw Pillows


Vases & Jars

Wall Art

quilts are great farmhouse décor
throw pillow on bed farmhouse decor staple
Farmhouse Rustic Tray
vintage mason jar part of farmhouse décor

A throw blanket is a great way to bring in different textures, it can easily and inexpensively be changed out for each season. Tip: buy a neutral toned throw in your color scheme and then you can keep the same throw throughout the seasons.  A quilt adds the traditional farmhouse feeling and with the right colors it also can be used year round, for decor and comfort. 

Throw pillows are another example of an inexpensive, easy way to bring in textures and colors. Throw pillows can easily be displayed on couches, chase lounges or daybeds, adding color to any piece.   Tip: buy throw pillows with zippered or button covers, this way you can also change covers inexpensively for each season. 

 I’m sure most would wonder why this is on the list.  Trays can be used in ANY room in your home.  Use them in the kitchen to stash essential items, in your entryway to stash keys, in your living room to contain essential items, really the possibilities are endless.  Besides their logical uses, they can be an amazing decor statement when you style them with candles, vases, and anything your heart desires. 

Flowers will brighten any home. Real or silk flowers bring a cheer to a home and a pop of color.  I use Jars as vases most of the time as it also brings in that rustic feel.  You don’t have to scour the vintage markets for jars either. Tip: Most grocery stores have the blue ball jars and or you can find them on Amazon.

This can be a tricky one to talk about it as truly it’s such a personal preference.  I love big signs with sayings, but I also love pieces that help me add color into a room and or tie in an already existing color. For the true farmhouse feel Old signage is something you can truly never go wrong with.  Tip: buy what YOU love. If something speaks to you, that is what should be in your home. Don’t purchase anything that you don’t love for your space. 


Decorative Accents



Plants and Greenery

baskets farmhouse décor
Rustic wooden table
Farmhouse Accessories 2022
candle used in farmhouse decor
succulents in pots used in farmhouse décor

I have a confession. I own an insane amount of baskets. Why? Well, while they look adorable tucked on a shelf and or under a table, the truth is they contain the mess I don’t want anyone to see in a fashionable way. Baskets are a great way to contain the things that you don’t really have a place for but that you need.  You can use them in any room and in any way you wish.  I love baskets, if nothing else for that very reason.  My name is Jessica and I’m a basket hoarder. Imaginary audience “Hi Jessica!” 

These are what my mom would call “Decorative Knick Knacks”. These are also a personal preference purchase. I prefer rustic “knick knacks” such as jars, unique little statues, and of course a mix of industrial and rustic pieces.  Really this should be something YOU love. Pick things that make YOU happy!  Side Note: Try choosing pieces in your color scheme.  A color scheme is usually a white, a neutral tone, and three colors.  I’ll get into that in a future article, promise. 

Shelves whether it be book shelves or wall shelves not only provide a place to tuck away treasures, but are an easy way to create storage.

Shelves add depth to your home and give you an excuse to buy for decor products to fill up that empty space.  

(You can put your baskets here)

Candles are a great way to not only add an amazing scent to a space but can be found in so many shapes and sizes.  Beyond the pillar candles you can find a variety of galvanized tins, mason jars, and bread bowl candles. A two for one when you have a scent and a decor piece all in one. 

Adding plants to your home gives a fresh feeling to any space. Don’t have a green thumb? That’s ok! There are plenty of faux plants that look just as amazing as their real counterpart.  Tip: Succulents are an easy plant that are so versatile and really popular in décor.  Harddy Succulents (I love them) ships all over the US. There are so many shapes and sizes with characters all their own. 

Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse truly is a broad term. For me it’s going back to the simple days. The days when that old desk was your grandmothers, the wood floors and accents were well loved, and the home was a reflection of the people who lived in it. The warmth in my grandmother’s home started before the word farmhouse became a popular décor. The warmth was from her love for us and her home was a reflection of her in every sense of the word. The personal touches she added from the smell of cinnamon in the air to the throw pillows on the couch made her farmhouse. You do not have to have all of the things listed above, they are just a guide to help your creative juices get going. This is just advice from a real mom who lives on what I lovingly call “a dirt farm”. I hope that some of this can guide you to find your style of farmhouse. 



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